When you see it...sometimes it's easier to believe.


Do you know what quality is? How it feels to have a suit made exactly to your liking? Or what about a dress altered to fit you perfectly? Many times, children living in poverty can not afford the finer things in life and when you never see it, you may never know about it. Therefore, you never try to get it. Here at MIYA Inc. we put them in the seat of the Ferrari and let them drive (not literally of course).

 From barbershop cuts for the boys to hair salon experiences for the girls. We don't skip a beat. Young men are growing up and they don't know how to tie a tie. Little girls don't know the difference between formal and business attire.

With sponsorship, we hope to bring Montage Time alive around the globe. Children who would normally never feel silk on their skin, will have a chance to wear the finest of the finest. Our mission is to make the children of tomorrow hungry for wealth and the simpler things in life. Breaking generational curses one child at a time.