Our Mission

Our mission here at M.I.Y.A. Inc. is to ensure that no child gets left to the streets. We provide the community with safe alternatives to gun violence, gangs, and drugs. 

"We won't give up on any generation . We never give up, no matter what we're against." is our motto. We're beating statistics, one kid at a time.

     Since our founding by Shekeema Friend on April 26, 2019, Miya Inc has been dedicated to serving people in need. This organization has connected youth with caring adults, mentors, and activities, while creating protective community environments. 

      The Covid-19 pandemic upended major facets of global society, and Miya Inc was not spared. The financial crisis and severe economic downturn have contributed to a strong deterioration in the budget balance. While Miya Inc had to close the doors, it did not stop our mission. 

    We continued to work remotely with youth all over Atlanta an parts of the east coast. Utilizing platforms such as Google Classrooms, Zoom, etc. as a means to not close our doors permanently.

MIYA Inc. is a domestic nonprofit of Georgia.