About Us

           WHAT WE DO

The objective of the Coding In The Hood program is give children a quality education, set of skills, normally inaccessible to them due to being economically disadvantaged. We provide a conflict resolution and an alternative training method that gives economic empowerment.

Since our founding by Shekeema Friend on April 26, 2019, Miya Inc has been dedicated to serving people in need. This organization has connected youth with caring adults, mentors, and activities, while creating protective community environments. The Covid-19 pandemic upended major facets of global society, and Miya Inc was not spared. The financial crisis and severe economic downturn have contributed to a strong deterioration in the budget balance. While Miya Inc had to close the doors physically, it did not stop our mission. We continued to work remotely with youth all over the East Coast with kids from Atlanta, Jacksonville, Fl. New York City, and more.

We reward good behavior. Whether it's a vacation, summer camp (of your choice), family cruise, or gift cards, we are making dreams come true. 

We educate kids on "Stackin'" up their money, giving back, and loving life even through the bad, with the financial literacy classes we have. We incorporate manners and respect in our programs, so that they can take their integrity and morals with them in life. 

This program is for children who have low-income, parent(s) not around, foster care, or even the single parent household's. This nonprofit is for the artists who can't afford their supplies, the talented little rapper who releases his frustrations through music, and we can't forget the rising basketball star, who cant afford his jersey. This is what we do. This is who we are. Come fill out an application or contact us to schedule an assessment.