Under privileged children often have limited education, resources, and necessities due to their financial situation. The next generation will be lead astray if we don't do something NOW! 

This program is designed for children to get ahead of the game. Technology is the one thing that is changing everyday and to be ahead is to be successful. We're matching under served children with in-demand skills that will prepare them for their future. We are aiming to groom some of the smartest, creative inner city children this country has had the pleasure of meeting.

From Artificial Intelligence to Machine Learning, we aren't holding back anything. The modules are set up online, so there is no need for gas! All you have to do is fill out the online application and give us a call to set up the Parent/Guardian Account and the Child's account.

Classes are online and through our partner Google on their Google Classes platform. The curriculum prepares you to become certified or it gives you the ability to have a promising career. These classes have been proven to increase technological, mathematical, and computational skills within just a couple classes! Please don't miss out on this opportunity for your child.

From making music, to Game Design, Story-Telling, and Art the curriculum is designed to keep the child motivated and eager for more. We can't forget to mention Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, and so much more. All the while, they are learning invaluable skills designed for salaries ranging $76,000 a year or higher. Artificial Intelligence and Robotics are the future and it's all apart of their learning plan.

Partnering with Google, we have designed programs for kids 9-14 to enhance their coding and computer science skills. Our classes have been proven to help children receive higher scores academically. They also excel in other areas such as Computational, technological, and mathematical skills, as well as earning higher scores in testing. Don't limit your child to just blocks, colors and shapes. Get them started now and they will thank you later. 

*** Financial Assistance Available.

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4 Private Coding Classes for $149 (Previously $259) Ages 6 & Up

For more classes, yearly subscriptions, or discounts, please dial (404) 590-3147 We try our best to return all phones calls between 24-48 hours.

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