Etiquette Classes

Sometimes when living life, we forget to stop and smell the roses. We forget that what we were once taught, needs to be passed down. In life, being rude, not being socially aware, or even not knowing proper etiquette can shut many doors to you. Boys are growing up without father's, mentors, role models, or just a positive influence. And the result of that is they are turning to the streets for answers. Little girls are no longer student's of etiquette, young ladies of class, or even being taught proper mannerisms. 

We here at MIYA Incorporated believe that when you believe it, you can achieve it!

This program builds social skills and allows them to become well-rounded. We will be attending five-star restaurants, traveling, and learning about different cultures and so much more! Not to mention the experience and memories will live with them forever.

The children have to participate in the Behave or You Cave program in order for them to attend events, travel, or participate in any of the activities. These programs are designed to keep the children focused on the positive things in life as opposed to getting in trouble with a bored mind.