M.I.Y.A. Inc.


M.I.Y.A Inc. celebrates Black and Asian Lives and we stand in solidarity with the community. As a minority and women's owned nonprofit we understand the need to be heard as a race...one race...the human race. We all deserve a fair chance at life. 

                                                  #blm #stopasianhate

We would like to proudly announce our partnership with the initiative P.O.C.A.G.V 

(Protecting Our Communities Against Gun Violence).

This is a big step for the community and Miya Inc. 

In light of recent events, we need protection against gun violence now more than ever. From Mass Shootings in schools, nightclubs, and grocery stores, it feels as though there is nowhere safe for our youth. 

That's why when joining this initiative, we are striving to end senseless gun violence and create new avenues for our children to join.  

Join us by donating to the cause and helping us keep the children and streets safe!

Welcome to Miya Inc. We are so pleased that you gave us a visit. Our mission here at Miya Inc. is to ensure no child gets left to the streets. MIYA Inc. is changing the trajectory of generational poverty into generational wealth. We provide the community with safe alternatives to gun violence, gangs, drugs, and illegal activities. We wont give up on ANY generation. "Never Give Up!" is our motto and we stand beside it, behind it, and we stand on it.

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We want to thank our Sponsors/Promoters as well!

We have implemented a new immigration program. Bilingual Volunteers are needed! Since 2018, we have been helping undocumented immigrants with services, normally not readily available to them. We need your help with legal aid, food, shelter, clothes (Infant - Adult), and so much more. Please donate today to support our cause.